Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neiva P56-C, PP-HLV, Aeroclube de Bragança Paulista Brazil. Flight instructor and student pilot killed in crash. Problem on takeoff.

Crashed plane in Braganca Paulista
(Foto: Micheli Lopes/Vnews)

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Portuguese to English translation
John Mendonca was the flying club with the family of Braganza to fly with the instructor Rafael Giacone Cunha, 22. Seconds after takeoff, the aircraft lost lift, crashed and caught fire. John and Raphael died charred.

The father, who watched the flight on the ground, fell ill and had to be rescued by the Fire Department. He was taken to a hospital in Bragança Paulista and had to be hospitalized.

Portuguese to English translation
Two people died carbonized in an accident with a small plane at the Aeroclub de Bragança Paulista, in São Paulo, on the afternoon of the second (15). According to the Fire Department, the aircraft caught fire after crashing.

The accident occurred at 15:30, at the time of takeoff. The dead are a flight instructor and a student. The two were on an aircraft model Paulistinha, PPHLV prefix.

Another person who was in the air club fell ill after witnessing the accident and was referred to a private hospital. The preliminary information was that she had also been injured.

Portuguese to English translation
The flight that left two people dead on the afternoon of Monday (15), in Braganca Paulista, in São Paulo, was a birthday gift for the guy who had just turned 18. It was the first lesson from him.

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