Thursday, December 31, 2015

Clothes fall from the sky, apparently from passing airplane: Alexander City, Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Glenn Toler III holds a vest that fell near his home off Sunny Level Cutoff as he explained the direction that a plane was flying overhead when the clothing fell from it. 

When Glenn Toler’s kids told him that clothes were falling from the sky Tuesday, to say that he was skeptical would be an understatement.

But it appears that it really happened.

The Tolers live off Sunny Level Cutoff and while outside Tuesday after 3 p.m., clothing items started falling from the sky.

“We were outside and we heard a plane coming over and when I looked up there was stuff falling from it,” 14-year-old Glenn Toler III said. “I knew no one would believe me, but I wasn’t the only one outside who saw it.”

What he described was a smaller gray plane flying relatively low. As it passed over his house, Toler said that several items continued to fall.

“This vest landed right there in the yard,” Toler said, holding a royal blue thermal vest. “There was stuff falling over there, and there’s that jacket still up in that tree right there by Hillabee Baptist Church. But I’m telling you, there was stuff falling out even when it was flying over the woods over there.”

The jacket had no name or any clue as to who it belonged to, so when he told his dad, he reached out to The Outlook to see if any similar reports had been made.

In researching the incident, it was learned that others did report the call. Former County Commissioner Frank Tapley said he saw the plane and was told about the clothing by his neighbor.

“I called the police chief to tell them that a plane had dropped the clothing and it looked like it was flying in the direction of the airport,” Tapley said. “But that’s about all I knew about it, but the jacket was up in that tree until late in the day Wednesday when I guess the rain knocked it down.”

Police Chief Willie Robinson said he alerted airport officials.

“We get people calling in with some strange things, so I wanted to make sure to check it out,” Robinson said.

Airport Director Mike Smith said in aviation, he has seen things like this before.

“We did have several planes that were in and out in that general timeframe,” Airport Director Mike Smith said Wednesday,” Smith said Wednesday. “But we didn’t have anyone one who returned or came in and reported anything happening like this.

“It could be that a door on a hatch came open, but I know from experience that if that is what happened, they would have known it.  It sounds like that is possibly what happened.

“It could be that whoever it was, they realized that it was just some clothes and didn’t feel like it was anything important and didn’t report it. It was kind of strange though to hear that come in.”

For the younger Glenn Toler, he said that it was just odd.

“I’ve seen some crazy things, but it was like I had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things,” Toler said. “But if anyone sees this and is missing a jacket, I have it waiting for you.”


Clothing Apparently Optional . . . . 
No shirt? No pants? 
No problem! 

Dr. Tammy Banovac

A 52-year-old woman headed for Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport showed up to a security checkpoint at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City this morning wearing nothing but a bra and panties -- they let her right through, and, thankfully, a few amateur filmmakers captured it on tape.

The woman in the below video is Tammy Banovac. She showed up at the airport wearing a long coat and seated in a wheelchair. When she went through security, she took off her coat to reveal she was wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

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