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Fatal accident occurred January 01, 2016 near Jerry's Skydiving Circus at Franklin Flying Field Airport (3FK), Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana

Teresa "Terrie" Woods

Terrie Headrick Woods. 
A Martinsville woman ringing in the New Year with a skydiving excursion with friends died from her injuries after something went wrong and she crashed into the ground in a field south of Franklin Flying Field.

Teresa "Terri" Woods, 54, died after the accident, which was reported at 11:43 a.m. Friday, said Johnson County Deputy Coroner David Lutz.

The accident occurred while Woods and some friends were skydiving from a plane based at Franklin Flying Field,  about 3 miles south of Franklin, according to Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox. He said Friday evening that it was his understanding Woods was an experienced skydiver.

The sheriff said he could not immediately confirm whether the fatal jump was connected to a commercial business, Jerry's Skydiving Circus, which is based at Franklin Flying Field. No one answered the business telephone late Friday afternoon, and no one replied to a message from The Indianapolis Star seeking comment.

Based on initial reports, Cox said, Woods was supposed to land at the airfield but hit the ground in a field south of the airport. He said it appears that Woods' parachute opened. However, Cox said, witnesses said Woods hit the ground very hard.

Woods "was in very bad shape," the sheriff said, when rescue personnel transported her from the scene to Johnson Memorial Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Woods was skydiving with two men when the accident occurred, according to a sheriff's department report. She was the last of the three to jump from the plane, which one of the men with her estimated was flying at an altitude of about 2,500 feet.

Daniel "Danny" Williams, 41, of Martinsville, told investigators he was the first to arrive at the scene where Woods landed, minutes after she struck the ground. Williams, who apparently had been on the ground while the others jumped, said he removed some of Woods' skydiving apparatus and clothing to check for vital signs and began administering chest compressions to the unconscious woman, the report said.

The first of the people with Woods to jump from the plane was Kerry Miller, 53, of Seymour. Miller told investigators he did not see the accident, the report said, because "he was dealing with his canopy not fully inflating."

Miller told investigators he had packed his own parachute "but was not sure if Terri Woods packed her own parachute," the report said.

David Crocco, 64, of New Palestine, was the next to jump and said Woods followed him out of the plane. The report said Crocco told investigators he wears a digital video camera when he jumps and thinks he captured the incident "up until impact."

The report does not say what the video showed or might have revealed about the accident.

Jeremy Daeger, 39, of Greenwood, who also was scheduled to jump with the group, told investigators he was on the plane during the entire incident. When pilot Greg Woods banked the plane "to verify the three skydivers had open chutes," the report said, Daeger said "he saw Terri's white reserve chute (secondary) open and inflated."

The Federal Aviation Administration was notified of the accident.

Woods is at least the third skydiver to be killed in an accident at Franklin Flying Field.

Experienced skydiver Donald Hauck, 50, of Greenfield, was killed May 18, 2014, when he made a maneuver about 100 feet from the ground and his parachute failed. It was the 103rd parachute jump for Hauck, who was parachuting from a plane operated by Jerry's Skydiving Circus.

Gary Zeigler, 56, of Columbus, another experienced skydiver and an Air Force veteran, was killed March 8, 1997, when he crashed to the ground beside a runway at Franklin Flying Field after his harness detached from his parachute when he was about 300 feet from the ground.

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. -- A woman has died after a skydiving accident in Johnson County.

Johnson County Coroner Craig Lutz identified her as Teresa Woods, 54, of Martinsville. 

Woods was supposed to land at Franklin Flying Field, but instead came down in a farm field just south of the airport.

The coroner said it appears her parachute opened, so right now there is no clear answer as to what happened in the air to cause the rough landing.

Woods had been skydiving for years.

The business that was running her skydiving trip has been identified as Jerry's Skydiving Circus .

That same company was linked to a deadly skydiving accident back in 2014.

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (Jan. 1, 2016) – A woman died after a Friday morning skydiving incident in Johnson County.

According to Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox, the woman landed hard around 11:40 a.m. and went to Johnson Memorial Hospital.

The plane flew out of Franklin Flying Field, and the victim landed in a farm field to the south.

Teresa Woods, 54, of Martinsville was “in very bad shape” when she was being taken to the hospital, according to Cox. The Johnson County Coroner confirmed she later succumbed to her injuries.

Woods, an NICU nurse, was the third to jump from the plane. The other two skydivers were not injured. Fellow skydiver Dave Crocco said she was a “skilled skydiver who had jumped more than 1,000 times.”

In May 2014, Donald Hauck died at Franklin Flying Field after performing a maneuver about 100 feet from the ground. Officials said his parachute did not recover and he took a hard landing. Witnesses attempted to help, but he was later pronounced dead at the scene.

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