Thursday, January 21, 2016

Incident occurred January 21, 2016 in Wayne County, New York

Wayne County, N.Y. - A small plane flying into Rochester experienced trouble and landed in a field in Wayne County Thursday.

The plane was traveling from Massachusetts to Rochester when it started having icing problems.

It landed safely in a field on Quaker Road.

There is no damage to the plane and no one was injured.


Messenger Post Media is en route to Wayne County, near Quaker Road where there are reports of a plane down on the road.

We are told the single engine, Cessna had some type of engine malfunction and was trying to make an emergency landing on one of the rural roads, coming out of Ontario County.

Dispatch at Rochester tower apparently lost contact with the aircraft for several minutes.

It appears the single-occupant plane has landed on Quaker Road.

There are various emergency crews at the scene. 


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