Thursday, January 28, 2016

Incident occurred January 28, 2016 at McAllen Miller International Airport (KMFE), McAllen, Hidalgo County, Texas.

MCALLEN- United Airlines said all their passengers are alright, after an emergency landing on Thursday at the McAllen Miller International Airport.

The airline said a brake light indicator came on. They said the control tower declared what they call a “precautionary emergency.”

The plane was inspected and was flown back to Houston. The air traffic control’s radio communications were captured word-for-word. captured all conversations between pilots and air traffic control.

“We have a left hand brake fault message, just an advisory message,” the pilot told air traffic control.

Airport administration said there was some sort of mechanical problem with the brakes.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned that 41 people were onboard the Embraer 175 airplane. Mesa Airlines operates the plane under the United Express brand. The plane has a total of 76 seats.

It is unknown what exactly went wrong with the plane. CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Mesa Airlines about the situation. They responded with this statement:

“In response to a brake indicator light, the crew of United Express flight 4020, operated by Mesa Airlines, notified the control tower, which declared a precautionary emergency. The aircraft, an Embraer 175 landed without incident and passengers deplaned normally through the jet way. There were no injuries. The aircraft was inspected by maintenance personnel and cleared to continue to Houston."

CHANNEL 5 NEWS is working to find out how long the Embraer 175 plane has been in operation, and what prompted the brake indicator light to come on. We will keep our viewers updated with the very latest on this story.

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