Sunday, January 3, 2016

Jin Air Plane Returns to Cebu Airport Shortly After Takeoff

A Jin Air flight bound for Busan was forced to return to Cebu, Philippines soon after taking off on Sunday due to safety concerns.

According to Jin Air, an affiliate of Korean Air, the captain on Flight LJ038 decided to return to Cebu 20 to 30 minutes after takeoff as a loud noise was heard from the front door area. 

Some of the 163 passengers onboard complained of headaches and pain in their ears. 

"It seems that the noise was caused by wind coming through a small gap in the door, which had not been closed properly. 

An alarm signaled a problem with air pressure, so we decided to return to Cebu," a Jin Air spokesman said. 

An official at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, "We will investigate the maintenance and operation records of the plane. If any regulations were violated, we will fine the airline."

The ministry also plans to conduct thorough inspections of budget carriers' operations following a recent spate of safety glitches.


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