Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Additions Coming to Elmira Corning Regional Airport (KELM) in 2016


The Elmira Corning Regional Airport has some new projects underway for 2016.

That news comes as Director of Aviation, Ann Crook, describes the 2015 travel year as "solid."

2015 made time for a rehabilitated taxiway in front of the terminal, a project she says had to be coordinated and completed around the flight schedules.

This year the airport will begin construction on an entirely new taxiway.

"Overall its about 12 million dollars,” said Crook.

“It'll probably take us two or maybe even three years to construct it but that's a big project -- we're looking forward to that. On the business side we are getting a new restaurant so I'm looking forward to that, Dunkin Donuts will be opening at the airport sometime in the next several weeks."

2014 was a record setting year for the number of travelers at the Elmira Corning Regional Airport and Crook says they are very close to setting a record for 2015 as well.

Source:  http://www.mytwintiers.com

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