Saturday, January 16, 2016

Piper PA-34 Seneca: Incident occurred January 16, 2016 at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (KBKV), Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida

BROOKSVILLE -- A small plane made a hard landing at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport after its landing gear failed to deploy, officials say. 

Hernando County Fire Rescue responded to the airport shortly before 1 p.m. after receiving word about a twin-engine Senece airplane having mechanical difficulties.

The airport's tower instructed the plane, which was carrying three people, to circle the airport until emergency units were in position.

The pilot then brough the plane down, completing a hard landing alongside the airport's runway in a grassy area.

The three people inside the plane were able to get out safely. Medical personnel evaluated them and found no injuries.

The plane sustained moderate damage.

The fire department was also assisted by the Brooksville Fire Department and the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

"Thanks to the coordination between all agencies involved and the skill of the pilot, a much more serious ending to this event was averted," said Alex Lopez, HCFR's Division Chief of Training.

Story and photo gallery:

A small plane had to make an emergency landing at Brooksville Tampa Bay Regional Airport today after the aircraft landing gear did not deploy, Hernando County Fire Rescue said.

The twin engine Seneca airplane with 3 passengers aboard reported it was having difficulty about 12:49 p.m., officials said. 

Fire rescue units responded to the airport in case they were needed.

The plane made a hard landing in a grassy alongside the airport’s runway, officials said. 

While the plane sustained moderate damage, the occupants were able to get out of the plane and were not injured, officials said.

Airport management will investigate the incident, officials said.


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