Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pocatello Regional Airport (KPIH) Adds a Daily Flight

Pocatello Regional Airport is gearing up to add its third daily flight to the airport

KPVI News that Works for You spoke with travelers on Thursday to see if the increased option will entice them to fly out of the Gate City.

Barlee Flanders ended up at the Pocatello Regional Airport by chance Thursday.

“I am thrilled,” says Barlee Flanders.

“So often my choices are Boise, Twin Falls, or Idaho Falls.  I would love a flight into Pocatello because it’s easy for me to drive if I need to go to Hailey or to Jackson, you have choices.  I would come back in a heartbeat and drive,” says Flanders.

It’s flyers like Flanders that the Pocatello Regional Airport is hoping to attract when it adds a third daily flight March 2nd.

Susan Lozano was traveling back to California after visiting her mom.  She says the new flight will be a big help.

“Yes it would be really helpful when we were trying to book the flight.  We were pretty limited, so adding a third flight would really make it great for us,” says Susan Lozano.

The new flights will cover morning, afternoon, and late night travelers.

“There was a lot of long layovers and it just wasn’t working, so having three flights give us much better convenience for connections,” says David Allen, Pocatello Regional Airport Manager.

David Allen, the Pocatello Regional Airport Manager says adding this third daily flight will open up more connecting opportunities and be more convenient.

According to a study by airport officials, the new flight will add over 100 connecting flight opportunities, with layovers between 30 minutes and three hours.

Allen hopes the added convenience will spur more travelers to fly out of Pocatello, leading to more flights.

“We want to go ahead and continue building demand.  We can actually support even a fourth and a fifth flight, but we have to be able to build that up so what we are going to do is try and fill these seats up now,” says Allen.

Fill those seats with travelers like Alexander Williams, who was just getting ready to hop on a Salt Lake Express bus and head to Utah.

“I like flying better than sitting on a bus, so I mean it’s a lot easier,” says Alexander Williams.

The added flight will increase weekly flights and available seats by 46 percent.

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