Sunday, January 24, 2016

Utah sheriff says he can still ticket Uber helicopter pilots

Officials in a Utah county say they have reached an agreement with Uber to stop operating helicopter flights at the Sundance Film Festival.

Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez said Friday that ruling doesn't stop him from ticketing Uber and Blade helicopter pilots because they don't have the proper permits. 

There will be no more flights in connection with Sundance and without obtaining the necessary land use approvals, a news release stated.

The cease-and-desist order stems from a disagreement in Summit County after Uber and Blade began offering helicopter transportation during the Sundance Film Festival in cooperation with a land owner who had agreed to host the landing zone.

Uber and the helicopter companies said there was no permit to apply for.

County attorneys requested a temporary restraining order Friday to prohibit helicopter rides, but 3rd District Judge Kara Petit declined to make a decision on the issue Friday, wanting first to hear more information from both sides Monday.

Future helicopter landings could result in the arrest of the pilot and the impounding of the aircraft, according to the statement. 

The flights Saturday are dependent on weather, but otherwise set to take off as planned, Uber spokeswoman Taylor Patterson said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, rides on the "UberChopper" cost $200 trips (the rate increases to $300 for night trips), and also includes complete Uber SUV service to locations around Park City from the town's helicopter pads.

"This is an interesting case", Hilder told the AP.

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