Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vans RV-8: Incident occurred January 24, 2016 in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand

Two Canadians were slightly injured when their small plane made an emergency landing at a tapioca field in Prao district of Chiang Mai Sunday morning.

The Vans RV-8 aircraft, piloted by 55 year old Gary McNair, took off from a small airfield located between San Kampaeng district of Chiang Mai and Ban Tee district of Lamphun with 56-year old Martin Clark, the only passenger at about 9 am.

The plane was on aerial sightseeing tour of forests in San Sai and Phrao districts when suddenly it developed engine trouble forcing the pilot to notify the control tower in Lamphun and to guide the plane to a tapioca plantation for emergency landing.

A police team from Phrao district was dispatched to the landing site to provide first aid to the two Canadians on board.

The two Canadians on board were found to be slightly injured and were eventually sent to the district hospital for treatment.

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