Tuesday, January 12, 2016

We Had To Find A Suitable Plane; Runway Too Short - BVI Airways

The runway length at the T. B. Lettsome International Airport had posed a challenge for BVI Airways, the airline which will begin direct flights from Beef Island to Miami later this year.

Mr. Scott Weisman, Chairman of BVI Airways told BVI Platinum News that the only issue they faced was the short runway, but they were able to find a suitable airplane.

"The height of the hills was no concern; the real concern at Beef Island is the short runway, which is why we had to find the right aircraft. There are a very few airplanes from Miami to Beef Island that can land and still take off again. Landing is the easy part, but taking off with a full load of passengers and fuel, that is very, very difficult," he said today. January 12.

Weisman explained that the airplane selected was designed by British Air Space to do this particular mission.

"...It has been sorted out; we have gone through all the mechanics, gone through engineering. We have talked to the regulators; they understand how the airplane works...Lots of spare parts and people who know how to maintain them," he said.

He added, "It is really a nice airplane; not very fuel efficient because it has four engines..."

Premier Hon. Dr. Orlando Smith also stated that there are no safety concerns as far as he is aware.

"There are no safety issues that I know about. Of course one had to look at the...you know, the approach that we have will be difficult for larger planes because of the turning, but for the particular plane that is going to be used, there are no issues," he said.

He also noted that government will be pushing ahead with the process of the expansion of the airport during the course of this year.

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