Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wilton, Fairfield County, Connecticut: Police Department, Fire, K9, Community Emergency Response Teams Respond to Distress Signal

Teams from Wilton's police, fire, K9, CERT teams searched the New Canaan Rd. reservoir area after they were notified of a distress signal.

Connecticut State Police alerted the Wilton Police Department on Jan. 19 that they received a distress signal from what they thought might be a small aircraft, according to a police report.

Teams from Wilton’s police, fire, K9 and CERT teams searched the New Canaan Rd. area and the reservoir after they were notified of the distress signal.

A second distress alert was later received, triggering four police and three fire apparatus units to be called. A dive team deployed a boat into the reservoir. Twenty-three members of Wilton’s CERT team responded, along with nine additional fire personnel to search the area.

After three more hours of searching it was determined that the distress signals were being received from a Breitling watch. The watch has a distress signal that was being tested by Breitling.


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