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A court in Kinangop has granted suspended bail to Deputy President William Ruto’s pilot charged with causing disturbance and assault.

Captain Alistair Patrick Llewelyn was arraigned at Engineer Law Courts in Kinangop, Nyandarua County, last Wednesday where he denied both charges.

Mr Llewelyn was given suspended bail term of sh 700,000 or alternative cash bail of sh 250,000 as courts waits for him to surrender his travel documents.

He had flown Deputy President William Ruto to a church fundraiser at Ndunyu Njeru, and was captured on video shoving and hurling abuses at Corporal Mercy Wandera.


The pilot caught on camera assaulting a police officer will stay in custody for another five days when the court will review his application for bond. 

Alistair Patrick Llewelyn was arraigned before Engineer town Senior Resident Magistrate Martin Mutegi charged with two counts of assault and causing disturbance.

The shaken and exhausted British national was charged with assaulting police corporal Mercy Wandera at Ndunyu Njeru town in Kinangop on February 21, 2016.

He faced a second charge of creating disturbance on the same day by calling the police officer "stupid" corporal. 

The prosecution led by George Mong'are objected to the release of the accused on bond saying that he was a flight risk. 

Mong'are told the court that apart from the alien card that the pilot has, he did not have a passport adding that he could flee from the country. 

The prosecutor further told the court that the accused could interfere with the State witnesses and the ongoing investigations.

"If the court grants him bond or cash bail, they should come with strict terms and conditions so that the accused doesn't flee the country," he said. 

The accused's lawyer Stanley Kang'ahi however objected to this saying that the accused though a British national, was born and brought up in Kenya. 

He told the court that being a foreigner was not a reason to deny a suspect bond adding that the accused was entitled to cash bail. 

The lawyer said that the accused had a wife and a three month old child and challenged the prosecution to prove how the pilot could flee the country. The magistrate remanded the pilot at the Engineer Police station until February 29 when he will make a ruling.

The pilot had flown Deputy President William Ruto for a function in Nyandarua when the incident happened.

Source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke

– Disgraced pilot caught on video assaulting a woman is remanded for five days awaiting bond processing 

– Already, his employer has terminated his contract and regretted the incident 

Pilot Alistair Patrick Llewelyn who was captured on video assaulting police woman Mercy Wandera on Sunday February 21, 2016 has been charged in court.

Llewelyn, an Australian national, was on Wednesday February 24, 2016 charged with assault and creating disturbance.

He will remain in police custody until next week on Monday 29, 2016 when his bond will be delivered.

The pilot was driven by police officers from Nairobi to Kinangop where the incident happened for court charges.

He had flown Deputy President William Ruto for a church fundraiser where he confronted the police officer for apparently failing to control surging controls towards the helicopter.

On Tuesday February 23, 2016, his employer, Kwae Island Development Limited (KIDL) which operates helicopter 5Y-DSN, terminated his services terming the incident as “unfortunate.”

“KIDL respects all the service men and women of the Kenya Police and abhors the actions of Alistair Llewelyn,” Marco Brighetti of the firm said in a statement that was wired to newsrooms.
Deputy President William Ruto had earlier distances himself from the pilot, saying that he had only contracted his services on Sunday.

Through his spokesman David Mugonyi, he said that he too learned about the incident from online platforms, and condemned the pilot’s actions, calling for his prosecution.

In the amateur clip, the pilot is seen getting into a confrontation with the police officer at Ndunyu Njeru, before he pushes and curses at her.

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  • The pilot who assaulted a police woman in Nyandarua has received support from a Kenyan businessman 
  • The security of the deputy president was at stake at the time of the encounter 
  • Kenyans have a tendency of running towards potentially injurious zones, say like helicopters and accident scenes

Alistair Patrick Llewelyn. A pilot contracted by the deputy president to fly his private aircraft has received support after his infamous encounter with a police woman.

The pilot was recorded on video pushing a police woman while hurling expletives at her. Kenyans on social media called for his immediate arrest and prosecution. He will be appearing in court to answer to charges of assault on Wednesday, February 24,  2016.

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In a rather interesting twist, the disgraced pilot has received support from prominent businessman Jacob Juma. The businessman has called the tendency of Kenyans to rush at helicopters and scenes of accidents  shallow and  primitive.  It poses a security risk to both the pilot, his passenger and the people close by.


Captain Alister Brown who was caught on tape assaulting Kenyan policewoman. 

The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Joseph Boinnet, has ordered the arrest of a pilot who "bullied" a policewoman in central Kenya's Nyandarua County.

"That behavior is totally unacceptable," said Mr Boinnet.

Captain Alister Brown, who was captured on video in a scuffle with the police officer, had been hired by Deputy President William Ruto to fly him on an Airbus AS350 helicopter to a Sunday church service.

Mr Ruto directed the police to investigate the incident, saying he respected Kenya’s hardworking officers.

On her phone

In the video, the pilot is seen approaching a woman police corporal, who was with her male colleague.

The woman officer is, however, seen busy on her phone as curious onlookers mill around the helicopter.

As children move closer to the helicopter, the pilot emerges, approaches the woman officer and grabs her swagger cane then shouts at her to "do her job".

Shout at him

The two walk towards the chopper as the pilot shouts at the officer.

“You are not doing anything,” he shouts.

He then attacks her and the people around shout at him to stop.

National Police Service spokesman George Kinoti said the attack was not justified and that investigations had been launched.

Provides a fine

Records indicate that the 2015 Airbus AS350, manufactured by Airbus Helicopters and with registration number 5Y-DSN, was bought last year.

According to the Eighth Schedule of the National Police Service Act Section (t), it is an offence against discipline for any police officer to "be negligent in the performance of his duty".

Section 103 of the NPS Act provides a fine not exceeding $98000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years, or both for any person who assaults or obstructs a police officer in the due execution of the police officer’s duties.

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A helicopter pilot surrendered himself to police for questioning after public outcry over a video clip which appears to show the pilot swearing at and assaulting a policewoman, police officials said Tuesday.

The video clip of the incident circulated widely on social media and many Kenyans accused the pilot, who's white, of being racist.

The incident happened Sunday in the Nyandarua area of central Kenya, Police chief Joseph Boinnet, who ordered the pilot to turn himself in, said in a statement. The pilot had flown Deputy President William Ruto to a function there.

Kwae Island Development Limited, the firm which operates the helicopter 5Y-DSN, said it had terminated its agreement with the pilot identified as Alastair Patrick Llewelyn and the company he works for Saker Resource Management Limited.

"KIDL respects the all the service men and women of the Kenya police and abhors the actions of Alistair Llewelyn," the company said.

Deputy President William Ruto asked the police to take action against the pilot, saying he has only been notified about the incident this morning.

"This incident is unacceptable, regrettable and the police have been asked to investigate the unbecoming behavior of the pilot," Ruto said.

In the clip the pilot can be heard telling the police woman to do her job as a crowd of onlookers— rural people who were fascinated by the aircraft— surges near the helicopter. In the video, the pilot grabs the police officer's cane and she takes it back. He then appears to attempt to strike her and then shoves her away. He shouts expletives at her as she walks away.

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