Thursday, February 11, 2016

New air ambulance arrives in Port Vila

Vanuatu will soon have in operation an aircraft that will focus mainly on medical evacuation.

The aircraft arrived at Bauerfield Airport Wednesday this week and will be based in Port Vila.

The aircraft is owned by Air Leasing and will be operated in Vanuatu by Air Taxi Vanuatu.

The Merlin Fairchild IVA Turboprop aircraft will be an on-the-ground dedicated medical evacuation aircraft owned by Air Leasing, operated by Air Taxi and maintained by Airworx Ltd - a locally owned business.

The aircraft has a cruise speed of 260 knots with a range of over 1,500 nautical miles, fitted with state of the art aeromed unit from Med-Pac USA.

The owners of the aircraft say cabin crew will be from Promedical Vanuatu that will include one medic/nurse and one doctor.

This aircraft has a large ‘cargo’ door for ease of patient loading and unloading, has more cabin volume than jet powered Air Ambulances.

The company that owns this aircraft also owns two Cessna 206 and two BN2 Islanders operated by Air Taxi.

They currently offer charters, tours, coffin and medevac flights.

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