Sunday, March 20, 2016

'Rusty' program welcomes pilots back to the sky: La Porte Municipal Airport (KPPO), LaPorte County, Indiana

La PORTE — It’s like riding a bike, some would say, except this type of transportation is hundreds of feet in the sky, and many times faster.

The La Porte Aero Club is hosting a Rusty Pilots event for pilots to get back into the saddle of an airplane at the La Porte Municipal Airport, located off of 2341 Ind. 39.

This is the first time they are hosting the program for the La Porte County pilots, according to Ed Volk, the Board President of the airport.

"The board is supporting the club's idea and want to help in any way we can," he said. "The club is composed of a lot of pilots. Anyone interested can attend, in addition to those who need an update."

The event will be from 6 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, and registration is required for the flight review portion of the evening, but anyone interested in aviation can come and listen to the presentation and enjoy drinks and snacks, said John Landwerlen, a member of the La Porte Aviation Services.

The event, which is free, is a common event hosted by airports throughout the country. It was conceived by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

According to their website, a rusty pilot is someone who is certified but has not stayed current on their license and aviation knowledge.

A Rusty Pilot program is a way to reintroduce the pilot — whether they have not flown for three months to three years — back to the flight environment.

“The target audience is a person who holds a Federal Aviation Administration pilot's certificate, but hasn’t flown in awhile,” Landwerlen said. “The program is designed to bring the non-current pilot up to speed on new regulations and airspace configurations.”

The presentation on Wednesday will include the use of newer technology, changes in a airspace system, inform about new resources available to pilots and many more topics needed to know before one takes flight once again.

Also, it will fulfill a few hours of the ground instruction requirement for one’s flight review.

“The attendees are given a flight review sign-off in their logbooks, the ground portion, after completing the program, and are invited to schedule the flight portion of the review in an LPAS aircraft with a qualified instructor,” he added.

Because most regulations for pilots are pretty slow to change, he added, most of the information will be a review.

Attendees are recommended to bring their FAA pilot's license and a photo ID, in which a driver’s license will suffice.

Volk hopes to see a good turn out at the event, especially since he is often surprised at learning who is a pilot in La Porte County when he goes to events and meetings. 

"This is a great thing the aero club is doing for pilots," he added.

The AOPA offers a downloadable document to review for the program, which can be found at

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