Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Klamath Falls, Oregon: Passengers, Locals React to PenAir's Inaugural Flights

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- PenAir is officially operating out of the Crater Lake Klamath Regional Airport.

Some said the sight of the filled airport lobby was shocking. "Almost disbelief," One Klamath Falls resident said.

Because a year and a half ago, all the other airliners left, and so did TSA. When the airprt secured PenAir, TSA no longer had the Klamath Regional Airport in its' budget.

It took month of lobbying to get the airport up and running with PenAir. "What a beautiful sight, to see the plane out on that tarmac," Senator Jeff Merkley said after the ribbon cutting.

The PenAir flights will take off twice a day every weekday and once a day on the weekends. "Actually we don't have full flights yet, but we have sold more flights than any other startup operation that we've had to date," Missy Roberts, with PenAir, said.

The company has booked about 2,000 passengers for the first 150 days of operation. A great sign for many business people.

"Throughout the year, I'll have several meetings down here that are just two hour meetings, and so to have an airplane service, really works well for me," Bill Brewer, who is here in business, said.

Many locals are also responding positively, saying these flights will help businesses in Klamath Falls and will make traveling much easier.

"I think there's a lot of people in Klamath Falls have places to go and driving over to Medford a day early to catch a flight is really in convenient," Pam Green, who lives in Klamath Falls, said.

PenAir just announced today that it has secured a ticketing agreement with American Airlines. That means if you fly PenAir and then connect with either United, Delta and now American, you're bags will go through to your final destination. This is the same with Alaska Airlines. PenAir has a code share with Alaska Airlines, which means Alaska sells PenAir flights on its' website.

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